What Drives Performance

Many of you that know me are aware of how interested I am in the factors that drive performance. In fact, I have been so interested in this topic that I created my own model and have published a book on the topic. Over the next few months, I would like to talk about the factors I have identified that drive performance.

Before we get into that, this edition of my blog will provide you with some background. I will be short and to the point so I encourage you to contact me with any additional questions.

My interest started in college back in 1986. I took a course that required a project and mine was on decreasing absenteeism and tardiness. Amazingly, I actually got results from my intervention. I studied the topic for years and, after extensive research into every model I could find, I found that every model had gaps. To remedy this, decided to develop a more holistic and simpler approach to impacting the performance of people.

The model I will discuss has 7 factors that drive performance. That’s probably why I call it the 7 Factors model. I have found through my experience and research that these factors account for all the reasons for performance. The factors are talent and fit, tools and resources, the environment, motivation, clear expectations and accountability, process, and knowledge and skill.

I have found that these factors can be applied to individual, team, and organizational performance. What differs is the process used in each of those cases. While my first book focuses on a strengths-based approach to developing the performance of an individual, the same 7 factors (but a different approach) would be used to address a team or an organization.

In my next post, I will discuss the talent and fit factor. Until then, let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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