Different Companies, Same Challenges

This year, I have had the privilege of representing Learn.com at our Tour on Talent event. We have conducted 34 of these throughout the nation in partnership with ADP. Having talked with over 700 HR and Training professionals, I have found that there is a strange thing that happens when we are engaged in an organization. We tend to think that our challenges are different from the challenges others face and what works somewhere else will not work where we are.

While it is true that each organization has a unique culture, I have found the same challenges communicated from many of the professionals I talk with. Most of the people I have talked with are challenged with doing more with less, getting executive buy-in, demonstrating our value, and decreasing the tactical parts of our job so that we can be more strategic. Having consulted to many organizations in a variety of industries, I have found that the solutions aren’t so unique.

For example, helping a client in the financial industry track the return on investment (ROI) for a training initiative was the same need and leveraged the same process as clients in healthcare, government, retail, and other industries. The need to demonstrate what we bring to the table in dollar values and percentages is the same no matter what company you work with. The process is the same for tracking ROI no matter what company you work with. The difficulty of finding metrics that are reliably tracked and isolating what you did as the reason for their change is hard in every organization.

So I am left with the nagging question. If we have so many of the same challenges and so many of the same possible solutions, why do we think we are so different?


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